How do you choose the best lawn mower

How do you choose the best lawn mower

How do you choose the best lawn mower and what are the characteristics to consider when choosing a lawn mower? We are getting many mails from our readers asking us to write about lawn mowers. Finally, we have decided to answer all these questions in this article. If you like it, we will continue to write about this topic. Read the information below and find out all you need to know to make the perfect choice based on your needs.

Everyone wants a beautiful garden, a beautifully arranged and cared for lawn, but few know that this requires a lot of work. Therefore, to ease this burden, it is necessary to make some investments in garden equipment to take on the hard work. Having a clean, always green garden and lawn is not easy, especially when the work surface is large. Choose a lawn mower to cover your needs and you will see that work is no longer grueling.

The larger the green surface, the harder it is to maintain and your efforts multiply. But if you overcome these problems and equip yourself with the necessary equipment you will be able to enjoy all the beauties that your garden and nature offers. A lawn mower is one of those machines you have to have if you got a yard.

How do you choose the best lawn mower?

Before buying a lawn mower it is very important to check out the features of a good lawn mower. This tool needs to meet your needs. Make sure you know what type of accessories it should include before you buy. There are many models of lawn mowers on the market with different specifications and technologies. Not all of them are suitable for your needs.

The type of power supply

When choosing the type of power supply you are influenced by 3 major factors: the surface of the garden covered with lawn, how much work you are willing to put into the job and the budget. Depending on the type of engine, power supply and other criteria, there are several types of lawn mowers:

Manual mowing machine

The manual mowing machine

The manual lawn mower is the easiest lawn mower (from the machinery category, as we do not make a comparison with the cutter and the electric sewing) that you can buy. Although most manual models have lower prices than other models of lawn mowers (not all), they have a more limited use and are conditioned by many other factors.

The manual lawn mower is not recommended if you have large lawns and especially if the terrain is uneven. A lawn mower can be used on surfaces up to 100 sq m or up to 200 sq m for very expensive models. Also, the manual lawn mower is quite difficult to use, it works by pushing. The blades rotate with the pressure and power that the user exerts on the lawn mower. A great deal of effort is required for this type of mower. From our own experience, you will pobably return it and you will get an electric one as soon as you are convinced it’s not worth your time.

Electric lawn mower

The electric lawn mower powered by the grid

The electric lawn mower is among the most popular choices for people who have a medium size – large garden. It is easy to use, does not require too much effort on the part of the user. It works well for surfaces up to 600 sq m or even up to 1,000 sq m for more expensive models. The disadvantage of the electric lawn mower is that it needs to be supplied by the power grid. Also, you need a long extension cord and the use of the cord becomes uncomfortable especially if the surface you need to work on is on the larger side.

Gasoline lawnmower

The gasoline lawnmower

This is the mandatory option if you have a large lawn area. It is a bit more expensive than most models, but it is more efficient on large surfaces, up to 1400 sq m.

The advantage of gasoline mowers is that they offer you better freedom and handling. They can be successfully used on large surfaces. Even more, these devices ensure precision of clear cuts that are superior to other types of machinery and have better collectors than other models.

However, gasoline mowers also have the disadvantage of requiring more care and service: fuel supply, oil change, spare parts, etc.

Lawn mower powered by batteries

The lawn mower powered by batteries

The lawn mowers with battery are less common and have a fairly high price. There are not many battery models, but all of them have a very good performance, which is exactly why the price is higher.

This type of lawn mower is much easier to maintain than a gasoline model, it has good handling (no need for wire or power supply) and sufficient autonomy for long service life.

Most lawn mowers have Li-Ion batteries, being powerful enough and resilient. After discharging the batteries, they are going to get recharged. Charging time differs from one model to another. The loading time of 1 to 2 hours must be good enough.

The lawn tractor

The lawn tractor

It is the best mower and the most suitable for large terrain surfaces. For an area larger than 1400 square meters, it is recommended to use a lawn tractor.

It’s easy to use, it does not involve effort on the part of the user, but has the disadvantage of having a very high price.

The autonomy

The autonomy is important because it tells you how long you can use the lawn mower without recharging. This feature is especially useful for gasoline mowers and battery lawn mowers. Depending on battery capacity and tank size, you can use the lawn mower for a long time without refueling or recharging it.

Engine power (CP and W)

The engine power influences performance, efficiency, speed and sustainability. Choose a lawn mower with the highest power level to make sure it has the power to successfully carry out the tasks.

A good electric model has a power of 1300 -1700 W (watts). A good gasoline lawn mower needs more power, at least 3 hp (horsepower) and a good lawn tractor has 5-6 hp. The higher the lawn surface to be worked, the greater the engine power needed.

The recommended cutting surface

All good lawn mowers have this specification in the technical book or in the product description. Choose the model and type of lawn mower depending on the lawn surface you have to trim. Broadly speaking, as stated above in the “Power Supply” category, an electric lawnmower is for an average surface area of up to 600 sq m and one for gasoline is suited for a larger area.

Check the information in the product description to be sure that you are buying a mower suitable for your needs which covers the required surface.

Cutting Width (cm)

Cutting width helps you because it makes your work easier and it helps you save valuable time. The cutting width is between 20 and 60 cm. The larger the lawn area is, the more you have to have a machine with a larger cutting opening. For a medium surface, a lawn mower with a cutting width of 30-40 cm is sufficient and for a larger surface you have to reach 40-50 cm.

Adjusting trimming on height levels

Choose a lawn mower that gives you the option to adjust height in several levels to cut the grass at the height you want. If you choose the best trimmer you can adjust the height between 2 and 8 mm. It is very important to adjust the trimming height so that you can control the height of the lawn.

Type of collection

Another aspect that you need to think about when choosing the best lawn mower for you is if you want a lawn mower with a collector bag or one without a grass collector bag.

If you get a model without the collector bag, the cut grass remains on the lawn and gives an unpleasant look, and if you decide to squeeze it you will give extra work.

Also, with a collector bag model you can choose a mulch kit model that will chop grass very thin then use that for compost (natural fertilizer) or you could choose a regular model that only cuts grass and collects it in container.

Capacity of the collector bag

If you finally decided on a model of lawn mower with a collector bag, then you have to decide on the storage capacity that the container should have. The capacity of the storage tanks starts at 20 liters and can easily reach 100 liters, or even more for very expensive and dedicated models.

When deciding on the capacity of the collector bag, be it textile or plastic, you have to consider two aspects: what surface you have to cut and if you are willing to stop the cutting process in order to empty the bag more often. The more bag capacity you have, the more you can work without interrupting your work to empty the bag. However, for large areas it is recommended to use a mower with a larger storage capacity.


An ergonomic handle allows you to use it more easily, you will be able to adjust it according to height. This way, you will get a better body position. The larger size wheels are useful for better handling, the shape of the device lets you even use at the edges of the lawn. Those are attributes that you should look for.

The manufacturer

It is very important to choose a lawn mower from an established brand in the business. By this I mean a manufacturer that made these kind of products for a long time and with great success. The history of a producer says a lot about him and his products.

A reputable manufacturer will make quality products using the best materials and technologies in order to maintain its position on the market. Among the most popular lawn mowers on the market are Bosch mowers and Makita grass mowers, but also Ruris grass mowers, Steinhaus grass mowers and Hecht mowers are highly appreciated.

Maintenance and service

Please read the instructions manual and especially the maintenance and service instructions. Make a conscious and informed decision in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

Look for greater resistance and durability. For example, you need to know that gasoline mowers need more maintenance (oil change, parts, etc.), and manual machines that have cylindrical shaft bearings require periodic maintenance. You also need to make sure you buy a lawn mower from a manufacturer that provides local service to its products when needed.

Lawn Mower Price

If you want to choose the best lawn mower you will certainly not find it at a very cheap price, but you do not even have to pay a fortune on it. Evaluate your needs, evaluate the lawn area you have, set a budget by putting all these aspects in the balance and decide on the grass mower that suits you.

However, we recommend you too look beyond the price and get informed on the features. You should know that behind low prices there are hiding poor build materials and weak technologies. That’s why the price as well as the manufacturer gives you a hint on the quality of the lawn mower.

The lawn mower warranty

There isn’t much to debate here, you must buy a lawn mower with manufacturer warranty. With the guarantee you will be exempt from any additional costs or other unpleasant issues. A warranty of at least 24 months is suitable for such a product.

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