Best large leaf vacuum mulchers on the market in 2020 [Reviews]

Before even talking about large leaf vacuum mulchers, I should probably write few words about sustainable gardening. It refers to that garden that can be used productively year after year, without the need for excessive costs or additional materials. Some people say that a real sustainable garden should only use organic materials, but this is a criteria that depends on your needs, your budget, your wishes. Of course, you will need to make an initial investment into gardening tools, but these tools need to be chosen carefully in order to minimize your efforts and maximize the productivity. Also, you should always think of ways to reuse the resulted mulch with the purpose of enriching the soil.


The following are the best large leaf vacuum mulchers on the market in 2020:

In the past months, I have received few mails from my readers asking me about large leaf vacuum and the best leaf mulchers for bigger gardening projects. They are talking about bigger gardens, so I needed to recommend bigger “guns”. I began my search for the best gardening machines that will endure harsher conditions, that have better performances and will work for a longer period of time.

In this regard, I have taken my time to read all the reviews, to gather all the information needed, to balance the pros and the cons of each such device and now I am going to let you know about my conclusions. Since you have asked for links to where you can buy these machines, I’m going to add additional external resources for every large vacuum mulcher from the list.

The best large leaf vacuum mulchers on the market


Billy Goat KV600SP Lawn and Litter Vacuum

The KV600SP Lawn and Litter Vacuum is manufactured by Billy Goat and it is a robust high-power machine that will elevate your gardening cleaning tasks to whole new levels. This fuel-powered vacuum machine is ideal for residential and property maintenance, greatly reducing the cost of dumping those bags. Everything is adjustable here, there is a safety kill switch and 190cc motorization provides enough power to pack the dead grass, leaves or small branches laying in your back garden. According to users who bought it, this 5-blade impeller is worth every dollar…


  • It handles a large volume of leafs
  • The bag has large volume
  • Variable height adjustement
  • Self propel function is available
  • Excellent paint finish


  • Some users experienced problems starting it
  • Engine is a bit loud
Watch Billy Goat KV600SP Lawn and Litter Vacuum Video Review

In this test, the leaves were wet. The machine handled it perfectly.


Agri-Fab 55188 Mow N Vac

The 55188 Mow N Vac vacuum mulcher is created by Agri-Fab, a company known for manufacturing mean machines that help gardeners all over the world. It features sturdy briggs and a robust engine that will vacuum everything in its way: dead leaves, grass clippings and lawn debris. This large gardening tool was especially manufactured for home owners with large lawns and trees, being able to handle even small branches (according to one review). If you decide to buy it, you should know that you need an additional hose kit for use with zero-turn mowers. This is a great large vacuum machine to buy in 2020!


  • 80-mph suction power
  • 3 year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Gathering all the dead leafs is easy and fun
  • 26-bushel/32 cu. ft. capacity
  • Well built, durable and affordable


  • Its vibration could be too much for some
  • Sometimes, you can experience clog problems with the vac
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Brinly LVS-33BH Tow Behind PolyVac System

Just like the first lawn vacuum mulcher from the list, this 2 in 1 gardening tool doubles as an utility cart and a versatile lawn vacuum mulcher. The 8-inch diameter will literally eat any type of debris found in your back yard, mulching it to a reasonable volume. The cart bed has a capacity of 650 lb. and it is ideal for medium to large size loads. Brinly LVS-33BH has positive customer reviews on Amazon online store, and if you decided to buy it, you will never have to use the rake again.

Watch Brinly LVS-33BH Tow Behind PolyVac System Video

DR Leaf & Lawn Vacuum 9.59 Premier-Tow Behind

Are you ready to work like a professional this year? DR-Leaf-&-Lawn-Vacuum-9.59-Premier-Tow-Behind takes things to the next level, allowing you to get an utility cart that is really easy to handle and to store. Under the hood we find a powerful 223cc Overhead Valve engine, 200 gallon capacity of storage space, high speed mulch impeller and a beautifully packed design.


This large leaf vacuum mulcher is probably the best choice from this list, considering its price and its additional features: the engine is easily removable, the dumping of collected debris can be made with one finger (that easy!), the collector folds down to 5 inch thick bundle thick for facile storage, it can be used for other purposes as a capacity utility trailer. This unit is definitely worth your time, too bad it is not available for sale on Amazon at this time!

Watch DR Leaf & Lawn Vacuum 9.59 Premier-Tow Behind Video Review

What are the criteria for choosing the best large leaf vacuum mulcher?

Engine type
The first thing to consider is the type of engine. In most cases, you have a choice between fuel motors or electric motors. The choice is made based on the needs, but if we are talking about large leaf vacuum mulchers a fuel based mulcher is probably the best option. If you want to gather leaves from several places or if you have a very large garden, the fuel engine is probably the right one.

The surface you will clean and the amount of leaves.
The perfect blower is the one that suits your needs. In order to find it, it is good to know exactly which area you are going to clean and also to know the estimated amount of leaves to be cleaned. For a large amount of leaves, you should opt for a large machine like Agri-Fab 55188 Mow N Vac, which allows you to store a generous amount of leaves. It also offers great flexibility. The disadvantage of a wheel vacuum mulcher is that it is larger, so it will require additional storage space.

There are devices that offers just one function: vacuum, mulcher or blower. Also, there are devices that offers all in one options and you should probably check those too before making the purchase. Don’t forget that a leaf mulcher will also shred and compress the leaves to a much smaller volume.

For most of us, the looks of a gardening are not that important. What’s really important is how the design allows you to use the machine with ease. The exhaust position, the handle, the collector can all be details that matter and that can hardly weigh on the efficiency of the device.


The occasional use of pesticides or other non-organic products does not mean that your entire garden is not sustainable. For health and safety reasons, we suggest that you focus on organic gardening, but the key to sustainability is material reuse, waste reduction and efficiency gains.

Deciding on a large vacuum mulcher for your gardening tasks is not an easy job, and you should take your time to read all the reviews, to learn about the features and specifications before actually buying one. There are few good options to choose from, most of them around $1000. Take your time, prepare your budget and stick with the one that’s closer to your needs.

Which is your favorite large vacuum mulcher on the market in 2020?

Non Fossil Fueled Heater based on dead leaves

The non fossil fueled heater with compost is an invention attributed to the French Jean Pain (1928-1981) and can be built by any farmer with a minimum investment. The innovative compost-based heater system can provide heat for the farm and the house during the winter. Everything is 100% natural and you will use the resulted compost from your leaf vacuum and mulching work.

Heat your house with chopped branches and dead leaves

At the base of the green heater plant we find the compost’s property of generating heat. The temperatures inside can reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees Celsius) if the system is built with maximum efficiency. If you decide to build this alternative heating system, you will need a pump, pipe and steel mesh. The bio heating system can provide the heating needs for an area up to 1,500 square meters for at least 12-16 months. After this period of time, the compost needs to be changed.

The recommended standard size for this type of heating system is 16 feet (5 meters) in diameter and 8 feet (2.5 meters) in height. The system is used in many households and farms all over the world. As a basic material considered to be the most effective, European farmers recommend leaves and chopped branches. You can use the branches left over from seasonal works in orchards or parks. The compost can contain a maximum 15% of pine wood, considered too “sour” for microorganisms “engaged” in decomposition.

In general, well-chopped green wood, a light-conducting pipe, a pump and steel fence used in construction are used as basic materials. Once the wood is chopped, putting together the system can be done in just 6 hours if a tractor with a small loader is also used.


How to build a non-fossil heater

The “plant” is built based on a thick plastic foil such as those used in ponds, which will ensure the success of the first set-up phase, when the compost is well supplied with water in order to cause the wood to rot. Over the plastic foil comes a layer of chopped wood. Then comes the pipe, placed in a circular shape and fixed to the structure to maintain its concentric shape. The process is then repeated, adding four layers of pipe and five layers of chopped wood (up to the last one above).


Heating water by compost method

There are many secrets that ensure the operation of the compost plant. French farmers say it is important that the wood is not very fine chopped, so that the pieces allow oxygenation inside and stimulate the decomposition process. Another important element is permanent watering in the first four days, so that the compost is at least 70% well soaked. It seems that a frequent mistake that may overturn the farmer’s plans is not to wet enough or to have no raw wood in the “bio heating plant”.

heating water by compost

The beauty of this system is that the initial materials – the pipe, the fence, can be reused for 10-15 years with the same efficiency. So, there is only one time investment involved.

How do you choose the best lawn mower

How do you choose the best lawn mower

How do you choose the best lawn mower and what are the characteristics to consider when choosing a lawn mower? We are getting many mails from our readers asking us to write about lawn mowers. Finally, we have decided to answer all these questions in this article. If you like it, we will continue to write about this topic. Read the information below and find out all you need to know to make the perfect choice based on your needs.

Everyone wants a beautiful garden, a beautifully arranged and cared for lawn, but few know that this requires a lot of work. Therefore, to ease this burden, it is necessary to make some investments in garden equipment to take on the hard work. Having a clean, always green garden and lawn is not easy, especially when the work surface is large. Choose a lawn mower to cover your needs and you will see that work is no longer grueling.

The larger the green surface, the harder it is to maintain and your efforts multiply. But if you overcome these problems and equip yourself with the necessary equipment you will be able to enjoy all the beauties that your garden and nature offers. A lawn mower is one of those machines you have to have if you got a yard.

How do you choose the best lawn mower?

Before buying a lawn mower it is very important to check out the features of a good lawn mower. This tool needs to meet your needs. Make sure you know what type of accessories it should include before you buy. There are many models of lawn mowers on the market with different specifications and technologies. Not all of them are suitable for your needs.

The type of power supply

When choosing the type of power supply you are influenced by 3 major factors: the surface of the garden covered with lawn, how much work you are willing to put into the job and the budget. Depending on the type of engine, power supply and other criteria, there are several types of lawn mowers:

Manual mowing machine

The manual mowing machine

The manual lawn mower is the easiest lawn mower (from the machinery category, as we do not make a comparison with the cutter and the electric sewing) that you can buy. Although most manual models have lower prices than other models of lawn mowers (not all), they have a more limited use and are conditioned by many other factors.

The manual lawn mower is not recommended if you have large lawns and especially if the terrain is uneven. A lawn mower can be used on surfaces up to 100 sq m or up to 200 sq m for very expensive models. Also, the manual lawn mower is quite difficult to use, it works by pushing. The blades rotate with the pressure and power that the user exerts on the lawn mower. A great deal of effort is required for this type of mower. From our own experience, you will pobably return it and you will get an electric one as soon as you are convinced it’s not worth your time.

Electric lawn mower

The electric lawn mower powered by the grid

The electric lawn mower is among the most popular choices for people who have a medium size – large garden. It is easy to use, does not require too much effort on the part of the user. It works well for surfaces up to 600 sq m or even up to 1,000 sq m for more expensive models. The disadvantage of the electric lawn mower is that it needs to be supplied by the power grid. Also, you need a long extension cord and the use of the cord becomes uncomfortable especially if the surface you need to work on is on the larger side.

Gasoline lawnmower

The gasoline lawnmower

This is the mandatory option if you have a large lawn area. It is a bit more expensive than most models, but it is more efficient on large surfaces, up to 1400 sq m.

The advantage of gasoline mowers is that they offer you better freedom and handling. They can be successfully used on large surfaces. Even more, these devices ensure precision of clear cuts that are superior to other types of machinery and have better collectors than other models.

However, gasoline mowers also have the disadvantage of requiring more care and service: fuel supply, oil change, spare parts, etc.

Lawn mower powered by batteries

The lawn mower powered by batteries

The lawn mowers with battery are less common and have a fairly high price. There are not many battery models, but all of them have a very good performance, which is exactly why the price is higher.

This type of lawn mower is much easier to maintain than a gasoline model, it has good handling (no need for wire or power supply) and sufficient autonomy for long service life.

Most lawn mowers have Li-Ion batteries, being powerful enough and resilient. After discharging the batteries, they are going to get recharged. Charging time differs from one model to another. The loading time of 1 to 2 hours must be good enough.

The lawn tractor

The lawn tractor

It is the best mower and the most suitable for large terrain surfaces. For an area larger than 1400 square meters, it is recommended to use a lawn tractor.

It’s easy to use, it does not involve effort on the part of the user, but has the disadvantage of having a very high price.

The autonomy

The autonomy is important because it tells you how long you can use the lawn mower without recharging. This feature is especially useful for gasoline mowers and battery lawn mowers. Depending on battery capacity and tank size, you can use the lawn mower for a long time without refueling or recharging it.

Engine power (CP and W)

The engine power influences performance, efficiency, speed and sustainability. Choose a lawn mower with the highest power level to make sure it has the power to successfully carry out the tasks.

A good electric model has a power of 1300 -1700 W (watts). A good gasoline lawn mower needs more power, at least 3 hp (horsepower) and a good lawn tractor has 5-6 hp. The higher the lawn surface to be worked, the greater the engine power needed.

The recommended cutting surface

All good lawn mowers have this specification in the technical book or in the product description. Choose the model and type of lawn mower depending on the lawn surface you have to trim. Broadly speaking, as stated above in the “Power Supply” category, an electric lawnmower is for an average surface area of up to 600 sq m and one for gasoline is suited for a larger area.

Check the information in the product description to be sure that you are buying a mower suitable for your needs which covers the required surface.

Cutting Width (cm)

Cutting width helps you because it makes your work easier and it helps you save valuable time. The cutting width is between 20 and 60 cm. The larger the lawn area is, the more you have to have a machine with a larger cutting opening. For a medium surface, a lawn mower with a cutting width of 30-40 cm is sufficient and for a larger surface you have to reach 40-50 cm.

Adjusting trimming on height levels

Choose a lawn mower that gives you the option to adjust height in several levels to cut the grass at the height you want. If you choose the best trimmer you can adjust the height between 2 and 8 mm. It is very important to adjust the trimming height so that you can control the height of the lawn.

Type of collection

Another aspect that you need to think about when choosing the best lawn mower for you is if you want a lawn mower with a collector bag or one without a grass collector bag.

If you get a model without the collector bag, the cut grass remains on the lawn and gives an unpleasant look, and if you decide to squeeze it you will give extra work.

Also, with a collector bag model you can choose a mulch kit model that will chop grass very thin then use that for compost (natural fertilizer) or you could choose a regular model that only cuts grass and collects it in container.

Capacity of the collector bag

If you finally decided on a model of lawn mower with a collector bag, then you have to decide on the storage capacity that the container should have. The capacity of the storage tanks starts at 20 liters and can easily reach 100 liters, or even more for very expensive and dedicated models.

When deciding on the capacity of the collector bag, be it textile or plastic, you have to consider two aspects: what surface you have to cut and if you are willing to stop the cutting process in order to empty the bag more often. The more bag capacity you have, the more you can work without interrupting your work to empty the bag. However, for large areas it is recommended to use a mower with a larger storage capacity.


An ergonomic handle allows you to use it more easily, you will be able to adjust it according to height. This way, you will get a better body position. The larger size wheels are useful for better handling, the shape of the device lets you even use at the edges of the lawn. Those are attributes that you should look for.

The manufacturer

It is very important to choose a lawn mower from an established brand in the business. By this I mean a manufacturer that made these kind of products for a long time and with great success. The history of a producer says a lot about him and his products.

A reputable manufacturer will make quality products using the best materials and technologies in order to maintain its position on the market. Among the most popular lawn mowers on the market are Bosch mowers and Makita grass mowers, but also Ruris grass mowers, Steinhaus grass mowers and Hecht mowers are highly appreciated.

Maintenance and service

Please read the instructions manual and especially the maintenance and service instructions. Make a conscious and informed decision in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

Look for greater resistance and durability. For example, you need to know that gasoline mowers need more maintenance (oil change, parts, etc.), and manual machines that have cylindrical shaft bearings require periodic maintenance. You also need to make sure you buy a lawn mower from a manufacturer that provides local service to its products when needed.

Lawn Mower Price

If you want to choose the best lawn mower you will certainly not find it at a very cheap price, but you do not even have to pay a fortune on it. Evaluate your needs, evaluate the lawn area you have, set a budget by putting all these aspects in the balance and decide on the grass mower that suits you.

However, we recommend you too look beyond the price and get informed on the features. You should know that behind low prices there are hiding poor build materials and weak technologies. That’s why the price as well as the manufacturer gives you a hint on the quality of the lawn mower.

The lawn mower warranty

There isn’t much to debate here, you must buy a lawn mower with manufacturer warranty. With the guarantee you will be exempt from any additional costs or other unpleasant issues. A warranty of at least 24 months is suitable for such a product.

Best leaf blowers on the market: electric, cordless and gas powered

Anyone who has a back yard knows when the time comes for a quick cleanup. But what do you do when the yard is filled with leaves and you do not have all the time in the world to clean them up? It’s easy to handle this task if you have a leaf blower in your gardening arsenal. This device can have either a blower or a vacuum function, acting as a giant vacuum cleaner of vegetal debris. The devices in this class are very diverse, starting from the engine, the charging mechanism and getting to the design and ergonomics.

How do I find the best leaf blower?

Taking all these criteria into consideration, it will be quite difficult to choose the device that best suits you and your needs. You will need to take into consideration the amount of leaves that you’ll get periodically in the yard and the actual size of the courtyard. Moreover, there are few who know where to find great leaf blowers at a good pricing. To cover all of these important topics, we have compiled this shopping guide, explaining briefly the most emblematic capabilities of this tool.

The engine type. It may be thermal or electric. For usage in public areas or in large back yards, a fuel blower is recommended, most models being powered by gasoline and having a 2 or 4 stroke engine. For those who only occasionally use the device, we recommend an electric leaf blower. You can find enough products at low prices that generate over 2500W of power, which means very much in terms of efficiency.

The power supply. We have already established that the fuel based products use mostly gasoline, but for the other variants we will note that you can supply the blower to either the power grid or an accumulator. The difference is clearly a portability. Want to save a buck? In this case, you should opt for one of the wired devices, but do not forget to check the length of the power cord and the thickness of the extension cord. The amount of power in the network can reach efficiently up to longer distances. For domestic use, the plug-in models are the ideal pick.

The surface and the leaves quantity. You have to take into consideration the configuration of the appliance, as there are wheeled blowers, backpack styled ones and handheld models. The largest amount of leaves can process by the wheeled models. Though for medium sized yards with moderate density of leaves, we recommend a handheld blower, a variant that meets all the challenges without any problem. But if you have large surfaces to clean up, you can choose a model with the backpack system because it will be tiring to go for over an hour across the entire yard with a pretty heavy blow in one hand.

Vacuum function. Unfortunately, this option is only available for the electric models. Each product in this range allows the attachment of a storage container, which has the same role as the sack or collector of a conventional leaf vacuum cleaner.

Basic functions. Your tool must provide you with the ability to adjust the air jet and / or vacuum speed and guarantee a fast on / off option. Also, you will definitely find more comfortable an electronic ignition than a twinkling lighter, especially when it comes to gasoline-powered models.

Design features. This is where we pin point you a few features that make this kind of product an ergonomic and easy-to-operate machine: the position of the engines’ air vent, the handle’s shape, the extra handle, the shoulder strap,the vacuum / blow nozzle shape, the storage volume of the collection bag. You should definitely choose a model that has the ventilation slots located in the rear, because through the side, the engine will be through the user’s clothes. It’s good to have a soft rubber grip, of course.

For those who are still trying to determine where to find good leaf blowers at good prices, the online supply is great. It’s cheaper to buy the product online, you will be exempt from a tedious walk to the store. If the model you purchased is incompatible with your preferences, you can easily return it. We have selected for you the best models that you can buy in 2018 and we have compiled a list based on specifications, functionality, ergonomic and user experience.

Best leaf blowers that you can buy in 2018

Händewerk 150 Variable Speed Cordless Handheld Leaf Blower


  • Lightweight and robuts design that will improve to overall efficiency
  • It can handle leaves, grass clippings and mulch
  • Variable air speeds
  • Max blowing power
  • Low noise, low maintenance
  • Battery and Charger Included
  • Easy to operate, just insert the battery and you are ready to go

  • Some buyers claim that is not as powerful as the specs indicate

We are placing Händewerk 150 in the top of our list since this cordless leaf blower is among our favorites. It is very suitable for yard use and is maybe the best leaf blower at a cheap price – this is how we can characterize this offer from Händewerk.

The best part is the power of this electric blower is comparable to a gas blower, except with none of the fuss. The weight is also comparable to the one of a gas leaf blower. Moreover, this battery powered leaf blower has 3 speeds (low, medium, high) which can be set to continually run without pressing/holding a trigger. Another option is for it to run only when you press the trigger, so you can move to different areas without using up the battery. The chopper can reduce the leaf volume to about a tenth of the original amount, and the bag can store up to 45l. The nozzle is circular, meaning high blowing power, and the kit also includes a shoulder strap. This gardening tool weighs about 3.20Kg and produces a variable noise in the 80-100dB range.

Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Single Speed Electric 160 MPH Blower


  • It’s a great leaf blower at a cheap price.
  • It is suitable for personal use, thanks to the electric motor and efficient working parameters.
  • It can be extremely easy to handle, based on a weight of only 2Kg.
  • It will be used with or without a bag, adaptable to the user’s preferences.

  • You will pay for the cord separately.
  • The cord can get tangled or unplugged during usage.
The performance is good, being indicated by an air jet with a flow of 0-4.1 cubic meters per minute. Of course, the expulsion speed of the airflow is adjustable, so you can adjust it to the processed quantities. The blower is a manual model and can be operated with an easy-to-operate handle. The device is accompanied by a circular opening nozzle. It’s very useful that this gardening tool weighs only 2Kg, so you will not get tired using it for extended periods of time. Only the power cord is slightly shorter, measuring 2.5m, and it may get unplugged or tangled, so that is a little disadvantage when it comes to this affordable piece of machinery.

BLACK & DECKER LB700 7-Amp Electric Corded Blower


  • Black and Decker leaf blower can be bought at a convenient cost.
  • It has great efficiency thanks to the the 7-Amp engine .
  • Blows up to 180Mph/180CFM for fast and easy cleanup of leaves and debris.
  • Built-in cord retention prevents frustrating interruptions during cleanup
  • It adapts easily to work requirements, as the speed can be adjusted during a work session.
  • It’s ergonomic, allowing for easy handling due to weight, handles and shoulder accessory.

  • Some customers considered it relatively noisy, at most 100dB sound generated.

Users who are excited about Black and Decker products should turn to purchase this useful blower as a leaf vacuum cleaner. You can buy it for home use when you have a medium yard with lots of leaves. The product has an electric motor, so it is powered by power from the socket. It generates a power of 3000W, which means high consumption, but irreproachable performance. If the workflow is 800 m³ / h, then you do not need any further evidence that the device is a real bargain. When you put the vacuum option into operation, a 45 l storage bag is at your disposal. The most notable basic function is the speed control, anywhere between 280 and 300 km / h. When working with a small amount of leaves, you will use a lower speed, saving energy and still doing the job with maximum precision. There is no need to say that a 3.2Kg weight allows you to effortlessly handle the product, it being a hand blower type. Ergonomics of Black and Decker products is famous and that’s why we can not help but mention the two handles that give you even more stability. The package also includes a shoulder strap, very good when your arms get tired. The approximately 100dB will bother you a little, but if you do your job quickly, you won’t really mind.

Einhell Power-X-Change GE-CL 18


  • It ensures mobility whenever you decide to use it with a battery.
  • Works efficiently based on the 18V Li-Ion battery.
  • Ensures high blowing speeds up to 130 MPH, processing the leaves quickly.
  • It’s light, with effortlessly maneuvering, having a weight of 2.2Kg.
  • Quieter than petrol leaf blowers

  • You get only about 10 minutes of autonomy.

When you want to move with total freedom through the entire yard, even in the corners that a power cord doesn’t allow you to access, the Einhell leaf blower is the most viable option. We say this because the device is powered by an 18V battery and requires a 30-minute charging time, with an actual 10-minute working time. If you do not have a large garden as a surface, it will not take too long to gather all the leaves in one place. Because it uses a speed of 210Km / h, this task is likely to be accomplished without complications. This tool is really light, as a Li-Ion battery is attached, and it will only weigh 2.2Kg. It has the configuration of a handheld model, with a soft grip handle that is easy to use. The nozzle has an oval shape, harmoniously combining the precise targeting of the air jet with the jet force. Of course, you will get a 2 years warranty.

Makita BHX2501 gas powered leaf blower


  • Leaf blower working on gasoline, available at a very good pricing.
  • It works efficiently and quieter than a 2-stroke engine, being equipped with a 4-stroke engine.
  • It can scatter more than leaves (such as dust or soft snow) due to a flow of 426mc / h.
  • It is ergonomically configured, with a rubber handle provided with some shortcut keys.

  • It’s on the heavier side, weighing 4.40Kg..

For professional use and long-lasting performance without having to worry about anything, this Makita tool is very praised by the users. We begin by demonstrating why it is used mostly for large-scale works: it is equipped with a 4-stroke thermal engine. The emissions will be reduced and the power offered is 0.89 hp. Manufacturers identify the work speed at the value of 426 cubic meters of air for a single hour. Thus, the appliance will be able to blow not only the leaves, but also the accumulated slag, dust or even snow. It is used as a hand model, despite its weight of 4.40Kg. The design is simple, basic, incorporating a handle with increased ergonomics and a rubber coating and a long nozzle with a circular exit, useful for getting high-power air jets. The controls are placed directly on the handle, allowing for perfect control of the actions and functions. If needed, you can even purchase a special kit to turn this leaf blower into a motorized vacuum tool.

Leaf Blowers: Final verdict

Finding a leaf blower that fits your needs and your budget could become a tricky job and you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t know which one to buy. The market is packed with all kind of products and the sellers are doing their best to push their products on the front line. We have picked a collection of leaf blowers that we really like but you shouldn’t stop here. Read user reviews for each blower, find the perfect price and get informed before you decide. Let us know if you have found a good blower that’s not on this list! Make sure to check our article with the best leaf blowers under $200.

Top 10 Most Used Gardening Tools

It seems an unusual top, but maintaining the garden in an optimal state without the tools of gardening is an impossible thing to accomplish. So, we are going to show you the top 10 most used gardening tools and we’ll give you some tips to help you use them properly, but also to keep them in a perfect state of operation.

Top 10 Most Used Gardening Tools

Gardening spud

1. The spud is undoubtedly the most used tool in the garden and it is no wonder why. This tool is used to prepare the soil before planting, to dig it, and to dig the crops to remove unwanted plants. Before introducing the seeds or seedlings into the ground, the soil must be properly prepared to make the small trenches, but also to act, as mentioned earlier, in such a way that the watering of the plants is very effective.

Gardening shovel

2. The second place in the top of the most used garden tools is the shovel, which is useful throughout the year. With its help the soil is very well cleared to allow the water to penetrate deep. The bucket is also used to spread the natural fertilizer. The shovel is also the one that will help you dig deep for tree planting, shrubs or even fruit trees.

Gardening spade

3. The spade is another tool frequently used by gardeners. From a functional point of view, the spade is very similar to the shovel, but in many situations this tool is much more appropriate because its blade is shorter. Although working with a spade is much more painstaking, the results will be much better because the spade gives the gardener the opportunity to work with more attention without breaking the roots of the plants.

Gardening rake

4. When cleaning the garden, no other tool is more valuable than the rake and leaf rake. Whether you prepare the soil for planting seeds and seedlings, or you are doing the spring cleaning or removing dry leaves during autumn cleaning, the rake is of a real help. Soil leveling can be done with greater ease with the rake, as well as evenly distributing the fertilizer over the entire desired surface.

Small hand shovel

5. For those who love flowers and want to have an impressive flower garden, the small hand shovel is a great help. It can be handled with great ease so that you can dig and soil the soil without affecting the roots or stems of the surrounding plants.

Gardening fork

6. The fork is also a great tool for any gardener. Using the fork, the weeds will be weeded with greater ease. The fork is also ideal for removing the gravel from the ground and for the soil.

Small hand rake

7. The small hand rake is very important for both a flower garden and for the vegetables. This is ideal for separating the roots of plants, but also for separating the flowers that have grown too much. Also, the small hand rake is also used to remove the roots from the ground without breaking them.

Gardening scissors

8. No gardener should miss having the gardening scissors. This is necessary for trimming trees, hedges and even other plants in the garden. All you have to do is pay more attention to the type of bill you choose, because the profile market offers many models depending on the specific plants. And keep in mind that the scissors must be very sharp so as not to tear the twigs.

Watering can

9. The watering can is an indispensable element of the garden. Even if you think that a sprinkler is not very effective, well, for a small garden or a flower garden, the sprinkler is ideal. Along with sprinkler, make sure you have in handy sprayers which are perfect for watering the plant leaves in your garden, but also for distributing fertilizers or pesticides / insecticides.

Gardening gloves

10. These aren’t tools per se, but no gardener should ever work without them – the gloves. These are special gloves that will protect your hands from the various impurities found in the soil, as well as some substances that you will use in your gardening routine.

And because I presented the most used gardening tools, I’m going to tell you which are the most effective ways to keep them functional. Maintaining gardening tools is important not only to prolong their usage, but also to ensure that they are properly disinfected and will not transmit any diseases from one plant to another.

It is important that the soil and the plant remains left on the gardening tools to be removed as soon as possible. This can be very easily done with a cloth soaked in water.
• The next step is to disinfect the gardening tools with special products that you can find in specialized stores.
• After disinfecting the tools, they must be wiped really well and stored in a safe place.

How to remineralize the soil with mulched dead leaves

soil mineralize with mulched waste

Since everyone is trying to think about the environment these days, I thought it would be a great idea to share some pieces of advice about soil remineralize. Autumn leaves are one of my favorite, local and sustainable resources for the garden that’s placed in my back yard. After cleaning the garden with a leaf vacuum mulcher, you should keep the mulched waste for a number of reasons, mainly since they are a natural source of minerals for soil. There are people that even prefer them over rock dust. Let’s not forget that trees mine minerals from deep in the soil and return them to the soil surface when the leaves fall, in autumn. Fortunately, you can use the mineral content of leaves to enrich the soil and get it prepared for the next season. If we are to compare mulched leaves to rock dust from the perspective of an environmentally conscious consumer, you should know that this compound is organic, it contains essential and beneficial elements (without the harmful or toxic ones), it is a renewable resource and its cost is basically zero.

rock dust vs dead leaves

In the image above, you can see a comparison between mulched wasted and common rock dust. All numbers represent milligrams per kilogram. The green cells indicate that the leaves have a significantly higher level of an element. Red means that Rock Dust A has a significantly higher level. If the cell has a white background, that means that the elements are in a similar range or the amounts are insignificant in both samples. The nitrate and nitrite numbers represent only the amount that is available, but the rest of the numbers are for total amounts – available and unavailable. When you see this comparison, you will undoubtedly notice that the mulched leaves stand pretty well compared to a rock dust. According to the comparison, you will find more nitrates and nitrites, phosphorus, boron, sulfur and zinc in the leaves. Also, Sodium (Na) is significantly higher in the rock dust, but that should not change the fact that this compound that is generally regarded as waste can be used to remineralize the soil in your back garden.

Advantages of remineralize the soild with mulched dead leaves

The compost we create with the mulched dead leaves in the fall won’t be needed all the way until the spring, several months away. This gives leaves plenty of time to decompose into compost pile. Most people collect the leaves in November. Considering the fact that the planting is generally performed in April or May next year, that gives the compost 5 full months to break down. If the size of the mulched pile is right enough, the mix of green and brown ingredients has the perfect moisture to be used on the ground.

Husqvarna 125B leaf blower review

husqvarna 125 BVx 28cc 2-cycle gas powered

Husqvarna 125B is a handheld leaf blower that’s adaptable and easy to use. This machine perfect is the perfect choice for home users, combining great performance and ergonomic design. According to most users, this leaf blower represents an ideal option for various gardening activities in the garden. The air outlet has an unique and aligned design which prevents torque reaction forces. This design makes the blower extremely easy to handle and use. The inlet air is placed on the outside, away from the operator, for maximum performance and easy handling. The device uses Smart Start technology and low fuel consumption. Of course, mobility is probably the main reason why you should choose this leaf blower, since it can be easily carried on the farthest corners of your garden.

Buy from Amazon

Husqvarna 125B Technical Specifications

  • Gas Powered
  • Cylinder displacement: 28 cc
  • Power output: 1.1 HP
  • Maximum power speed: 170 mph
  • Fuel tank volume: 16.91 fluid ounces
  • Sound power level (LWA): 107 dB(A)
  • Weight: 9.4 pounds
  • Consum fuel: 575 g / kWh
  • E-Tech II, Smart Start technology
  • Off switch with automatic return
  • Ergonomic design
  • Handle with soft plug
  • Lined outlet
  • Fuel pump
  • Throttle control

Note: according to reviews, few users noticed that they had problems with the warranty.

The best leaf blowers under $200 that you can buy right now

Before choosing and buying the best electric leaf blowers that you can find on the market, you should ask yourself the following question: do I really need a leaf blower for my gardening tasks?

Leaf vacuum mulcher
Craftsman B215 25cc
Weight: 11 lbs.
Air speed: 200 MPH
Vacuum: NO
Gas Powered
Price: $99
buy it now
Leaf vacuum mulcher
Hitachi RB24EAP
Weight: 8.6 lbs
Air speed: 170 MPH
Vacuum: NO
Gas Powered
Price: $131
buy it now
Leaf vacuum mulcher
Toro 51619
Weight:8.5 lbs
Air speed: 250 MPH
Vacuum: YES
Price: $74
buy it now

Leaf blowers vs vacuums

Once autumn settles, you know it’s time for hard work and lots of sweat. Conventional tools like rakes and other hand tools are cheaper, but you will regret not buying a more powerful machine like a leaf blower or a leaf vacuum once you work for a few hours with these obsolete tools. But what is the difference between these two gardening machines? As you can imagine, a leaf vacuum captures and mulches the dead leaves (the result usually ending in bags) while a leaf blower allows you to gather everything into one place and collect the resulted pile manually. Picking one or the other is not an easy task and you should take your time to find answers to the following questions before making the final decision:

  • Do I need a leaf blower or a leaf vacuum?
  • What kind of blower/vacuum do I need? Electrical or gas powered?
  • What features am I looking for in a leaf blower?
  • What features am I looking for in a leaf vacuum?
  • Where can I buy a leaf vacuum or a leaf blower?

The best leaf blowers on the market

Next, I am going to share a collection of some of the best leaf blowers that you can buy right now on the market. I am focusing on blowers that are not too expensive (under $200), but they have great user reviews and just enough features to help you finish the work in no time!


Craftsman B215 25cc 2-Cycle Handheld Gas-Powered Leaf Blower
With this device, Craftsman has managed to create a reliable and powerful unit that weights 11 lbs. The fan speed is variable and the blowing tube length is adjustable in order to get the best performance. At maximum power, it will produce an air velocity of 200 MPH. Being powered by gas, it offers mobility and according to user reviews, it will last for many hours per session. If its weight becomes too much for you, you can always get a shoulder strap as an accessory. Price: ~$100

Hitachi RB24EAP

Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower (CARB Compliant)
Over 1000 customers gave a 5-star rating to this handheld leaf blower. Besides its excellent price (around $120), you will learn that it has just enough features to become the perfect tool for your autumn gardening cleaning sessions. Its tapper nozzle, the 23.9 cc engine and well balanced weight (8.6 lbs) convinced most of the customers that the investment in this gardening machine was well worth it. In addition, Hitachi offers a 7 year warranty if you are using it for non-commercial purposes. For this price, it is definitely a win.

Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower / Vacuum, Red (Corded)
Before presenting to you all the features that you will be taking advantage of if you buy this gardening tool, I just want to let you know that it costs $76 on Amazon. For that price, you will get a leaf blower that doubles as a versatile leaf vacuum. According to the manufacturer, Toro 51619 has a larger metal impeller that makes the device blow air up to 250 mph. You can control the speed of the tool both in vacuum or blower mode. The vacuum can handle dead leaves and debris. In the box you will find accessories such as the vacuum tube, the bottom-zip bag, power insert, concentrator nozzle and cord storage hook. You will have to buy the extension cord, since it is not included in the package. It weights 8.5 pounds.

PS. Getting back to the leaf vacuum vs leaf blower questions, I forgot to mention one small detail. There are leaf blowers out there that have a vacuum function, allowing you to get the best of both worlds at the same price. Pretty neat, right? If you have not decided yet on a leaf blower, you should check my article on the best leaf vacuum mulchers on the market.

Where to find a good leaf vacuum mulcher that’s perfect for you? Tips and pieces of advice

If you plan to get a new leaf vacuum mulcher to help you clean your back yard then you are probably struggling with the garden debris for too long. In this article I will provide tips and pieces of advice on how to find and how to buy the perfect leaf vacuum mulcher that’s suited for your needs. Don’t go to the first store in your city and buy whatever the salesperson recommends! Be smart about it, be informed and make sure you make the best possible choice. You don’t want to end up paying the same money twice just because you got the wrong product.

What to look for

One of the biggest issues with the machines that are on the market is that they just don’t shred the leaves good enough, and the leaf compression is poorer than advertised. Instead of getting 1/6 up to 1/10 compression you end up with a compression of 1/2. This may not be annoying at first, but why should you have this much “garbage” to dispose when it could be much less. Another common issue is that the collection bag is to small and you need to empty it too often. When you get a new leaf mulcher you should also look for its features. Most of these machines have different speeds (usually ranging between 100 mph and 235 mph), some are powered by gas some by electric power, some have extended warranty, some don’t. I usually prefer the electric powered leaf vacuums since they are lightweight, there is no mix of oil and gas and they are easier to use. You should also make sure that the impeller that mulches the leafs is made from solid metal. If you do manage to find a leaf vacuum that also blows out wind then you have the perfect deal!

The best places to buy

The obvious place to buy a good leaf mulcher is the Internet or your local store. Online shopping is no longer regarded as a rarity or something weird. It is preferred to choose an online store that delivers the package directly to your doorstep. However, a small could hide various inconveniences: poor build quality, poor warranty or just a bad product. That’s why, in this article, we will show you how to make sure an online store is safe and reliable. We’ll teach you how to “investigate” an online store before providing financial information that can endanger your bank account. You should protect yourself when you place an order that’s paid with your credit card.

How to protect yourself when you are buying a leaf vacuum mulcher online

  1. Make sure you know someone that had a previous experience with this store or seller. If you can’t do that, you should at list try to read some reviews about this website. Few months ago, I was trying to buy a new LG G6 and I found a really good offer on a small online store. After researching for few minutes, I found that they were selling refurbished smartphones from Korea as if they were new. Customer’s opinion is really important!
  2. Try to find some issues with this online store/seller. Search in Google for “Store_Name + issues” or “Seller_Name + issues”. Look for the general opinion on this store/seller. There will always be people that are not content with something. You are interested in the general opinion.
  3. Does this store has a HTTPS connection? You should look for the lock symbol that’s displayed in the area next to the web address. That’s a good sign.
  4. Be careful what information you disclose when placing the order.There are no reasons why you would be asked for data other than your name, address, and card details. No store should ask for personal data, such as SSN , bank account, personal ID or signature.
  5. Check the contact information on the website. An online store must show the merchant’s contact details on the site, such as the name of the company managing the site and other information.
  6. Make sure to check the bank account reports after the transaction is made in order to make sure that you’ve paid the correct amount.
  7. Never use public WiFi when you buy with credit card. In fact, you should never use a public WiFi at all without using a VPN.

There are advantages using both offline and online store, and I will state them here. If you are going to the local store, you will have the acquisition faster and you can start cleaning your back yard the very same day. Also, if something happens to the vacuum tool you can go with it at the same store and ask for a fix (or replacement) based on the warranty papers. What I don’t necessarily like about local tool stores is that they have limited brands and they don’t always offer the best prices for these products. On the other hand, buying such gardening tool from the Internet will get you a broader list of brands to choose from, you can read impartial reviews from other customers who bought the same item, you will get the best prices and discounts, you may even get additional tools or special offers. Before buying online, make sure you are on a trusted web store. I usually recommend Amazon as a starting place. They have great offers their tool hardware shop and the shipping is fast.

If you have found your desired leaf vacuum mulcher, don’t forget to buy few replacement bags for it. They tend to wear of with time, and it’s better to get a replacement from start.

The advantages of leaf vacuum mulchers

If you are tired of cleaning the leaves and debris that usually gather in your garden with traditional methods maybe you should try a different approach on the problem. If you find yourself wondering when the cleanup will end then you are difinitely waisting too much of your important time on garden cleaning. This is probably the time when you should get smart about it and buy yourself a real gardening tool. Now, with electric lawn tools like leaf vacuum mulchers you will get the job done before you know it. In fact, cleaning your back yard with such tools is so easy that you will find it relaxing! It’s fast, easy and will save you a lot of time and effort.

The advantages of this tool

You will not need to handle large and bulky tools again, because most of these tools are portable and pretty lightweight. All you need to do is flip the switch and you will get a powerful vacuum that can handle everything on the ground level. It’s seems so easy because… well, it is! The best leaf vacuums on the market will easily handle most yard debris like mulch, leaves, grass, twigs, pine needles and clippings. These garden care tools will prevent the anti-clog thanks to a metal vortex fan that cuts the grass in small pieces, making it compact and easy to store in the bags. With this technology, the volume of 6 up to 10 conventional bags will be compacted into one single bag. We are talking about a compression rate of 1/6 up to 1/10 here.

Why should you get this tool?

This machine gets the job done fast and easy. Time and effort are probably the most important arguments when it comes down to getting a leaf vacuum tool. For example, if you plan to clean a large lawn/garden with a conventional leaf rake your job will take hours, you will never clean it perfectly and you will get bored and angry because the process is so slow and complicated: gathering the leafs into huge piles and then putting the piles in plastic bags. With a vacuum machine you will just need to take a walk in the area where the lawn debris are and start the vacuum mulcher. It will compress and gather everything directly into the plastic bags. When the plastic bag is full, all you have to do is change it with another one and you are good to go. I will estimate that working with a vacuum mulcher in a lawn cleaning project with get the job done in under half the time compared to traditional methods. Don’t worry about the weight of these gardening tools beacause most of them are created from durable plastic components, so these vacuums weight the same as a gallon of water.

The price

I’m going to talk more about the best leaf vacuum prices in another post, but if you think these useful machines are expensive you are wrong! You will probably find vacuums in your local store or online at prices between $60 and $150. Of course, you can find them at higher prices, but I assume you don’t intend to buy it for commercial purposes.