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Where to find a good leaf vacuum mulcher that’s perfect for you? Tips and pieces of advice

If you plan to get a new leaf vacuum mulcher to help you clean your back yard then you are probably struggling with the garden debris for too long. In this article I will provide tips and pieces of advice on how to find and how to buy the perfect leaf vacuum mulcher that’s suited for your needs. Don’t go to the first store in your city and buy whatever the salesperson recommends! Be smart about it, be informed and make sure you make the best possible choice. You don’t want to end up paying the same money twice just because you got the wrong product.

What to look for

One of the biggest issues with the machines that are on the market is that they just don’t shred the leaves good enough, and the leaf compression is poorer than advertised. Instead of getting 1/6 up to 1/10 compression you end up with a compression of 1/2. This may not be annoying at first, but why should you have this much “garbage” to dispose when it could be much less. Another common issue is that the collection bag is to small and you need to empty it too often. When you get a new leaf mulcher you should also look for its features. Most of these machines have different speeds (usually ranging between 100 mph and 235 mph), some are powered by gas some by electric power, some have extended warranty, some don’t. I usually prefer the electric powered leaf vacuums since they are lightweight, there is no mix of oil and gas and they are easier to use. You should also make sure that the impeller that mulches the leafs is made from solid metal. If you do manage to find a leaf vacuum that also blows out wind then you have the perfect deal!

The best places to buy

The obvious place to buy a good leaf mulcher is the Internet or your local store. Online shopping is no longer regarded as a rarity or something weird. It is preferred to choose an online store that delivers the package directly to your doorstep. However, a small could hide various inconveniences: poor build quality, poor warranty or just a bad product. That’s why, in this article, we will show you how to make sure an online store is safe and reliable. We’ll teach you how to “investigate” an online store before providing financial information that can endanger your bank account. You should protect yourself when you place an order that’s paid with your credit card.

How to protect yourself when you are buying a leaf vacuum mulcher online

  1. Make sure you know someone that had a previous experience with this store or seller. If you can’t do that, you should at list try to read some reviews about this website. Few months ago, I was trying to buy a new LG G6 and I found a really good offer on a small online store. After researching for few minutes, I found that they were selling refurbished smartphones from Korea as if they were new. Customer’s opinion is really important!
  2. Try to find some issues with this online store/seller. Search in Google for “Store_Name + issues” or “Seller_Name + issues”. Look for the general opinion on this store/seller. There will always be people that are not content with something. You are interested in the general opinion.
  3. Does this store has a HTTPS connection? You should look for the lock symbol that’s displayed in the area next to the web address. That’s a good sign.
  4. Be careful what information you disclose when placing the order.There are no reasons why you would be asked for data other than your name, address, and card details. No store should ask for personal data, such as SSN , bank account, personal ID or signature.
  5. Check the contact information on the website. An online store must show the merchant’s contact details on the site, such as the name of the company managing the site and other information.
  6. Make sure to check the bank account reports after the transaction is made in order to make sure that you’ve paid the correct amount.
  7. Never use public WiFi when you buy with credit card. In fact, you should never use a public WiFi at all without using a VPN.

There are advantages using both offline and online store, and I will state them here. If you are going to the local store, you will have the acquisition faster and you can start cleaning your back yard the very same day. Also, if something happens to the vacuum tool you can go with it at the same store and ask for a fix (or replacement) based on the warranty papers. What I don’t necessarily like about local tool stores is that they have limited brands and they don’t always offer the best prices for these products. On the other hand, buying such gardening tool from the Internet will get you a broader list of brands to choose from, you can read impartial reviews from other customers who bought the same item, you will get the best prices and discounts, you may even get additional tools or special offers. Before buying online, make sure you are on a trusted web store. I usually recommend Amazon as a starting place. They have great offers their tool hardware shop and the shipping is fast.

If you have found your desired leaf vacuum mulcher, don’t forget to buy few replacement bags for it. They tend to wear of with time, and it’s better to get a replacement from start.

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