The best leaf vacuum mulchers in 2017 (reviews)

If you plan to buy the best leaf vacuum mulchers for your own garden or for your office’s back yard then you are in the right place. In the following articles, I will recommend some of the best leaf mulching devices that you can get, starting with the cheap ones that are suited for home usage (entry-level) and finishing with the big guns, the vacuum mulchers that can be used on larger areas (like a golf course or a stadium). But before getting there, let’s start with the beginning…

Toro 51609 Ultra 12 amp Variable-Speed leaf vacuum mulchers

Toro 51609 Ultra 12 amp Variable-Speed leaf vacuum mulchers
This light mechanic leaf vacuum mulcher was designed and created by Toro and it is the perfect choice for those who need something cheap and reliable. The mulcher has 3 functions: blow, vacuum, and leaf shredder that works great for all situations. The variable speed of the rugged metal impeller gathers and mulches the debris into fine dust. This vacuum mulcher blows @ 255 cfm and the vac mode is set @ 390 cfm.

Positec Usa WG500 12A  210-MPG Electric Blower Vacuum

Worx Trivac 12A / 210-MPG Electric Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher
The image above is representative for this gardening tool and you can get a clear idea on its main advantage. As you may expect, this vacuum device can be manipulated with easy by anyone, even a senior. The blow function works like a charm, but you can also use the switch and set it to vacuum. The bagging ratio is somewhere between 8 to 1 and 12 to 1 so it’s the perfect choice if you plan to clean larger areas. The machine weights 8.4 lbs.

leaf mechanic vacuum
Patriot Products CVB-2465B Leaf Vacuum/Chipper/Blower
While we get on a higher position in our list, we find this gas powered mulcher that represents the perfect solution for larger areas like a mini-golf course, tennis court or a large public garden. Although the price is not as cheap as the other devices in the list, you will learn that all the reviewers were pleased with this product. The leaf mulcher can clean a wide 24-inch path in a single pass, so it’s more effective than the previous devices and… it’s portable. You don’t need to worry about fallen branches, since this powerful machine will shred them in no time without any problems. The blower function is just as reliable as the vacuum one, and you will probably need to take a step back when you will activate it for the first time.

Mac Walk Behind Chipper
Merry Mac Walk-Behind Chipper/Vacuum
This is the ultimate leaf vacuum mulcher capable of chopping everything that’s in its way. The 80-mph powerful suction is able to gather all the leaves, grass clippings and additional lawn debris that you may encounter in your way. One reviewer said that after 7 years of using this machine, it’s still new and reliable, so if you do decide to get this one, you can expect to use it for at least 5 seasons. It’s the perfect choice for larger projects.

Conclusion and additional details

These are not the only leaf mulchers, vacuums and blowers that you can find on the market in 2017, but they will offer you a clear idea on what you need and how much money you should spend on it. Just remember that if the mulcher you are planning to buy is electric, you will also need a long electric power cord and maybe a storage reel with stand in order to work with it properly. If you plan to use the leaf vacuum mulcher for larger areas (like a huge lawn or for a golf course), then you should probably get a mulcher that is powered by gas.