About Us

Along with the mankind’s evolution and the first steps into technological era, our desire to connect with the beauty of nature faded away. These days, the Internet has become the new playground for teens, we are rarely seeing the outdoor light and we can’t live a day without our smartphones. This idea gave us the ultimate push to create Leaf vacuum mulchers, a web magazine that’s not about gardening tools but rather about creating a clean and healthy natural environment that will ultimately bond us with nature. Here, we’ll try to present advices and tips on how to take care of your lawn in various moments of the year, how find the best gardening tools and how to get smart when a big day of work is ahead. We hope that these advices will save you some time (hopefully, some money too). Thank you for following us and don’t be shy to drop a comment in any of our posts! We’ll be happy to see your thoughts and your ideas on the matter.

John and Sandy